Miley Cyrus Taking Her Blue Bra Back to Nashville?

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Miley Cyrus just wanted to go for a jog and walk her dogs. Unfortunately, the paparazzi got in the way, as they were a little too interested in her blue bra, setting off a Twitter tirade. Now everyone can clearly see what made Miley so mad on Thursday.

MileyCyrusApr09Miley threatened to pick-up everything and move to Nashville because the paparazzi and tabloid treatment was driving her insane. She couldn’t even go for a jog or walk Floyd. Miley took to Twitter to exclaim her frustration. (Read more about that, here.)

So, hours later, the photos come out, and what do they show? How about Miley Cyrus in a blue lace bra under a slashed t-shirt. She is also wearing tights. That’s right, Miley wore next to nothing, and while comfortable, is far from conservative running attire. The tabloids claim that she is flaunting her body to the world so that should give them free reign to take whatever photographs they want.

So, at this point, Miley Cyrus has come to a crossroads. Does she quit wearing skimpy outfits? Does she pick-up and move to Nashville like she threatened on Twitter? Or will she keep on seeking attention, and then complaining about it?

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