Miley Cyrus The Next Lindsay Lohan?

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Is Miley Cyrus the next Lindsay Lohan or is she already there? The better question may be is the former ‘Hannah Montana’ a train wreck or a just a troubled teen? Perhaps she is neither!

As everyone knows, Lindsay Lohan has pretty much been a punching bag for the last few years, mostly brought on by her own stupidity and amplified by the tabloids. She fits the ‘Disney star losing its luster” mold. In steps Miley Cyrus, who has found her way in to enough drama to fill the days when Lindsay Lohan is not making news, with her own brand of pseudo-insanity.

Of course for every, Miley Cyrus is growing up story, there seems to be a Miley is smoking a bong, drinking under-age, giving men twice hear age lap dances, or wearing revealing clothes story not too far around the corner.

As one report reminds fans, this really does have the air of a Lindsay Lohan meltdown! Goodness, there is even a parents divorce drama involved (although Billy Ray can keep himself out of jail unlike Michael Lohan). So, will Miley Cyrus actually ‘crash and burn’ in her early 20’s?

At least one Psychiatrist (Carole Lieberman) thinks that Cyrus’ path is a dangerous one:

“She apparently thinks it’s cool or cute to associate herself with drugs on her birthday and laugh about it. Last year was the bong episode. She is on a slippery slope and no one seems to be paying attention except the media. Not her parents, nor her managers, nor anyone else. In fact, these dalliances with drugs seem to be Miley’s sad way of getting attention.”

Lieberman goes on to call Miley Cyrus a ‘sex siren wannabe.’

Of course there are many who would say that her teenage antics are being blown out of proportion by the tabloid media, who is looking for a juicy story. Celebrity dirt gains viewers and sells papers, so perhaps this is just ‘normal’ teenage behavior being amplified by the press.

So, which is it? Is Miley a troubled teen, just acting out and being unfairly picked on by the press, or is she the next Lindsay Lohan…a trainwreck waiting to happen?

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