Miley Cyrus Tweets She Needs To Be Loved–Trouble with Liam Hemsworth?

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Miley Cyrus has just posted an odd and oddly disturbing message on Twitter. The former Hannah Montana star has updated her bio with a message taken verbatim from the song How Soon Is Now by the Smiths.

“I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.” Miley Tweeted.

It’s a somewhat dark message— especially when expressed now during the holiday season. Is Miley Cyrus upset about some of the negative press she’s been receiving lately? The recent altercation where she lashed out with profanity at a rude fan comes most recently to mind. Not to mention her marijuana joke scandal. Or could Miley Cyrus’ mystery Tweet refer to something far more personal? Like a fight with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? Miley and The Hunger Games star were famous for being an on again-off again couple back in the day. Although they’ve been definitely and lovingly “on” for some time now, things change. Or could Miley Cyrus simply be in a philosophical mood? That too is possible. The holidays affect some people strangely.

What do you think?

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