Miley Cyrus Tweets Underwear Picture

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Miley Cyrus has been in the news quite a bit these past couple of years, mainly for one thing – her image. The Disney-turned-pop star made headlines for things such as underage drinking, dancing on a pole, wearing age inappropriate outfits, smoking Salvia out of a bong, and giving a lap dance to her much older manager. Recently she seemed to clean up her act a little. She got engaged to on-again off-again beau Liam Hemsworth, and while she was still photographed in risqué outfits, she seemed to have matured quite a bit. That, or she was smart enough to make bad decisions when the cameras weren’t around.

Miley Cyrus has definitely taken to Twitter though, constantly tweeting various things to fans or otherwise and posting pictures of herself quite often. For a couple of months, she was keeping her pictures PG, posting new haircuts or hair colors or family time on the Fourth of July – pretty harmless. Well not anymore. When the 19-year-old got bored recently, she opted to post a picture that at first glance looks harmless, but soon proves otherwise. She is seen sporting a sort of half-down punk hairstyle, her ‘lucky tee shirt’ and a white skirt with her dog at her feet. The problem with the photo? Miley Cyrus decided that the white skirt should be worn with dark-colored underwear, allowing the whole world to leave little to the imagination. Between the tiny tee shirt and the see through skirt, it looks as though Miley may be falling into old habits again. And she also appears to be shrinking before our very eyes and this outfit shows off just how thin she is becoming.

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