Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Continues — Should Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Step In?

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Miley Cyrus is still losing weight, and while to some, she looks fine — to others, there’s cause for alarm. Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, take note, please! Miley’s weight seems the hot topic of conversation these days, and with good reason. Cyrus stepped out in Miami late today in a tiny black strapless top and some seriously tight white shorts. Her body looks lean, but the bones are starting to show up top. Everyone’s speculating that Miley will become scary-skinny soon, but is she there already? File:Miley Cyrus 2012.jpg

In newly published photos, a fresh-faced, smiling Miley looks really small. Small enough that the British newspapers are taking notice. The Daily Mail noted her prominent, “jutting collar bones,” and it’s hard to argue. Even her legs have no real shape anymore. No one can fault Miley for exercising, but this is one celebrity who really, really needs to stop losing weight. Like, yesterday.

One thing to consider: Miley Cyrus only looks dangerously thin (to some) in certain pics taken today, so it could just be the angle of the photographs. Hopefully that’s the case. Either way, she should just maintain her weight now, instead of dropping any more. She’s obviously proud of her body, given her propensity for wearing short-shorts and tube tops that leave little to the imagination. Just stay healthy Miley!

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