Miley Cyrus Worked ‘Too Hard’ on Body to Have a Baby Mess It Up

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Having a baby is a big decision and one that Miley Cyrus isn’t ready for! However, just because the former Disney darling isn’t ready to be a parent, that doesn’t mean her fiancé feels the same way!

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According to a report, Liam Hemsworth is ready to hear the pitter patter of little feet, but Miley isn’t so excited. Of course, she has a reason, but it isn’t what you would think. Rather than citing her young age, sources say the former Hannah Montana star doesn’t want to give up her body that she has worked hard on getting!

When pregnant, weight gain is inevitable and it isn’t always easy to lose the extra baby weight after the baby is born. For instance, Jessica Simpson is having a hard time losing the extra weight that she put on while pregnant and it seems like that isn’t something that Miley Cyrus wants to deal with just yet.

So, what made Liam catch baby fever so quickly? Reportedly, seeing his new baby niece is what made the actor want one of his own.

Ever since they announced their engagement, the two have been plagued with rumors that the sole reason for their wedding is due to an unexpected pregnancy. While those rumors have been disclaimed, it seems that people can’t let the whole thing go. The world is excited for Miley Cyrus to become a momma, but it looks like they will be waiting quite some time. The couple are still young and have a lot of time left to start a family.

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