Miley Cyrus’s Fiance Liam Hemsworth Seen Getting Cozy With A New Blonde

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth try to make it look like they are a happy engaged couple, but today news came out that there could be something they are hiding. According to Radar Online, Liam was getting cozy with a blonde awhile back that was not Miley. Does this news shock you?

He was hanging out at a party and Miley was not around at all. She didn’t even come with him to the event. A source is saying that they watched him during the night and he spent all of it in a tent with a pretty blonde. This was not Miley and nobody seems to even know who the girl was he was hanging out with that night. He got the party early and stayed late into the night with her the entire time.

A handler was doing all that they could to keep them private, but reports say Liam wasn’t shy about being with someone else. They just talked and sat really close to each other. If he wasn’t trying to keep it a secret, maybe there was really nothing for the star of The Hunger Games to hide.

Since there is no proof of who the blonde was Miley Cyrus may have nothing to worry about with her fiance. This could have been a relative or a close friend. Miley might even know who Liam was with all night and not care. Do you think that there is trouble in paradise? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below.

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