Miley Cyrus’s New Hair, New Tattoos, and New Bra on Jay Leno?

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Miley Cyrus’s new hair and tattoos are shocking to some, but her recent wardrobe choice will send fans over the edge. Between her new haircut and super slim frame, she is moving on to bigger and better (or racier) things that send the “I am an adult” message.

For her Jay Leno appearance, Hannah Montana wore an interesting ensemble. According to Mirror, she sported a black leather looking bra that could have been straight out of Madonna’s closet.

Paired with a long skirt that appeared to have the skyline of New York on it, she matched—or unmatched—orange platform high heels.

Miley Cyrus’s appearance also revealed details about her cameo on Two and a Half Men. While her character, Missi, was seen in a preview, all eyes were on Miley’s crazy outfit.

Was her outfit all that racy? A strapless bra is nothing new, but to wear it on Jay Leno? The 19-year-old former Disney star, is clearly sending a message that she is all grown up and does not give a damn about what anyone thinks!

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