Mileycomeback: Or, Better Yet, Get a Backbone

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I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan. I could give dozens of reasons why, but they aren’t really the point of this article. What is the point is her latest act, which should make even non-fans like me wonder what exactly is wrong not only with her but the generation of young women that she is, for better or worse, influencing.

She deleted her Twitter account.

Okay, that isn’t big news. Well, maybe for the Miley-obsessed it is. Personally, I couldn’t care less whether she’s on Twitter. What caught my eye about this is the reason why she deleted her account.

She did it for her latest guy.

Yep. That’s right. The girl who has so much control over so many young women and girls got rid of one of her avenues of communication because her boyfriend didn’t like it.

What’s up next, Miley? Letting him control who you can text? Who you can call? When and if you can see your family?

This is dangerous territory when a girl lets a guy start calling the shots about when and how she can communicate with people. Even if the thing between Miley and her new guy isn’t an issue of control, this still sends a dangerous message to the young girls who idolize Cyrus. What happens when they meet guys who want them to cut back on this or that? And it keeps getting larger until they find themselves cut off from their friends and family?

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