Military Jets Intercept Possible Threat Over Washington DC: Cessna Enters DC’s No Fly Zone

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Two military F-16 fighter jets were sent out to intercept an unauthorized commercial plane flying over DC today. The passenger plane violated the airspace restrictions placed over Washington DC, causing the military to react as if it was a threat to security. As of now it doesn’t seem as if there was any real threat to our nation’s capital.


The White House, Washington DC, USA

The small Cessna 182 was intercepted by the F-16s at 2:19 pm according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The passenger plane was then escorted to a nearby airport for investigation. The pilot that violated the air space restrictions is said to be a student who took off from Warrenton,Virginia. Terrorism was the first thing that came to mind when reading this story, but it seems that this incident was nothing more than simple ignorance.


Some of the White House grounds were temporarily evacuated when news of this unauthorized plane was made available. It is good to know that our military is ready to act at any time to the threat of terrorism. A lesson that we unfortunately learned the hard way back in 2001.


The pilot of the offending plane will be investigated and interviewed by the Secret Service just to be sure there were no other motives for this flight. One thing is for sure, this student will not be seeing his pilot’s license any time soon.


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