Military Wives Strip Down Naked for PTSD

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Military wives are stripping down for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Of all the ways you can raise awareness or turn some heads, nudity is a pretty effective one! The movement, called “Battle Bare,” started with one photo posted on Facebook, and has now wives and girlfriends of soldiers around the world are embracing the trend.

One frustrated wife explained that raising awareness for PTSD is equally as important as the marriage vows she made. She said she was so desperate to get help for her husband, who suffered from the disorder, that she “felt like streaking the general’s lawn, because then maybe a naked woman would get attention, and they wouldn’t sweep [her] under the rug.” She posed topless with her husband’s hat and gun. Although it may seem cute and sexy, these women are really trying to get help for what is a very serious issue—another woman’s husband committed suicide after seeking help (and ultimately giving up) for PTSD. Many soldiers don’t like the label of a ‘disorder,’ and refuse to even seek help. Their loved ones feel the effects of this as well. It’s clear that more needs to be done to eradicate the stigma of PTSD and lower the suicide rate amongst veterans.

Alicia McCoy, the widow of the man who committed suicide, said soldiers have a lot bottled up inside but may be afraid to speak up because they fear it will hurt their record or seem like a weakness. The military wives say that Battling Bare will soon become a “fully pledged nonprofit organization.” It’s sad and ridiculous that soldiers who suffer from PTSD also carry the burden of shame or a negative stigma with them. What are your thoughts about women taking their clothes off for this cause? Will it make a difference?

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