MilkMade: Waitlist for This Homemade Ice Cream

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With a waitlist of more than 1,500 names, MilkMade is the hottest–(or, coolest?)–ice cream around. When the list is that long, the price is anything but cheap. One pint runs from $15-17. What makes this particular ice cream so special?

Diana Hardeman is the woman behind MilkMade, the petite ice cream membership club based in New York. HardemanÂ’s company began as a hobby, a creative outlet which developed out of a dissatisfaction for both the ice cream she could buy locally and her job at the time as a consultant for an alternative energy company.

According to Merisa Fink of MSNBC, Hardeman brought a few pints of her ice cream to a party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in late 2009. The party was written about in a New York magazine column, and “MilkMade’s ice cream — then barely a business — was referenced in the article – a mention that prompted over 700 inquiries.”

“Hardeman quickly put together a website and a business model, and began renting space in a commercial kitchen,” said Fink.

Just what does one get with membership to HardemanÂ’s club?

Each month, for a three-month period, members will receive “one or two pints of that month’s flavors delivered right to their door.”

Even though delivery is included in the price, the expense of the ice cream is incredibly high: “For $50, the member gets one pint a month for three months; for $90, two pints per month.”

Seriously? Apparently, people are willing to pay top dollar for a taste.

Hardeman gets her dairy from Ronnybrook Farms and her eggs from Red Jacket Orchards, both local companies. Hardeman puts forth an effort to use both the “finest and most local ingredients.” Even so, her prices are triple that of more readily available ice cream.

At this time, there are 150 members. Hardeman hopes to expand MilkMadeÂ’s scale and is entertaining the idea of outside investment. She hopes to have 500 memberships by summer 2011.

Last yearÂ’s unique flavors included Coffee+Donuts, Red Velvet Cake, Salted Caramel, Maple Pancake, just to name a few.

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