Millionaire Arrested For Wife’s Honeymoon Murder – Convicted Man Fingers Husband

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A millionaire was arrested for his wife’s honeymoon murder. British police arrested Shrien Dewani on suspicion of murdering his wife while they were on their honeymoon in South Africa. Police believe the millionaire husband actually planned the murder.

Millionaire Shien Dewani Arrested on Honeymoon Murder Charges

Millionaire arrested in wife's honeymoon murder. Did Shien Dewani murder Anni Dewani?British millionaire charged with honeymoon murder. Millionaire Shien Dewani was arrested for the murder of Anni Dewani during their honeymoon. The reason he was arrested is because a South African Zola Tongo who was convicted of Anni Dewani’s murder implicated the husband. The convicted man said that the millionaire paid him to kill his wife on their honeymoon.

Anni Dewani Killed in Carjacking on Honeymoon in South Africa

Anni Dewani was murdered when their taxi was carjacked in Gugulethu, which is a high crime area. The former model was shot in the next. According to Shrien Dewani, he had nothing to do with his wife’s murder, and he blames the South African government for trying to shift the blame off of their violent crime problem. Dewani said, “I’m totally innocent of any involvement in this horrendous crime. These allegations are totally ludicrous and … very hurtful to a young man who is grieving the loss of the woman he loved.”

It makes little sense why this millionaire would have his wife killed on their honeymoon. It seems he already had plenty of money. What would be the reason to have his brand new wife killed? Do you think he is guilty of the honeymoon murder?

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