‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Season 5 Recap — A Tale of Two Nice Guys

Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, discussed the upcoming wedding between Destin and Rachel.

Meet Her Millionaires

Ayinde Alakoye, 38, is a client that Patti has fixed up before. He ditched her because she wasn’t smart enough for him. He is the founder and CEO of a radio business and has a net worth of about 3 million. He had a commitment issue but swears he doesn’t anymore. Patti said he’s a fault finder and no one is going to be good enough for him. He wants a 10 on the inside and the outside, but he is not a 10. Patti made him choose three qualities he wanted most in a partner. He chose intellectual with at least a Master’s degree. He wants someone that is spiritual but not religious. She must have business acumen.

Mitch Gordon, 42, is a divorced single father of three children, who needs a filter for his mouth. He is a technology entrepreneur with a net worth of about 2 million. He likes being “Mr. Mom.” Jennifer Lopez is his celebrity crush.

Small MixerPatti Stanger

Patti had lined up five girls for each of the millionaires. They were given 10 minutes with each girl.

Ayinde started out telling the girls about his business. Patti called him on it and told him to stop. Then he began testing their pedigree. Can you say schmuck? He liked Bracha, and they shared the same movie. He chose Bracha for his master date. Poor Bracha. She seems too sweet and fun for him.

Mitch shut his mouth and let the girls talk. He seemed to have a natural chemistry with Tova and Nikki. He chose Tova for his master date because she was cute, smart, and easy to talk to.

Wine Tasting in Malibu

Mitch arranged for a car to pick up Tova and deliver her to a wine vineyard in Malibu for wine tasting. They were both sweethearts and spoke easily to each other. They had a personal chef that served them at a table out in the middle of the vineyard by themselves. So romantic! He told her that he had a great life and was interested in sharing it with someone special. They made plans to go out again. They are still dating.

Volunteer Work Instead of Romance

Bracha showed up in a hot dress and sky-high heels for their date. Ayinde was wearing shorts, a tee shirt, and sneakers. He told her that they were doing some volunteer work for a boy’s home. How romantic—NOT. It’s supposed to be a first date, Ayinde! Show your causes later! He could have at least given her warning so she could have dressed for gardening.

At dinner, Ayinde asked Bracha if she’s a good chef since she was a chef. Then he told her that it’s okay if she wasn’t. Huh? He interrogated her through the entire dinner. There was no romance. He was turned off by the fact that she’s still trying to get established as a chef, and he wanted someone who was already established. He continued to interrogate her about politics and other subjects. She wasn’t impressed with his mantra of, “Today, I will judge less,” especially since she was spiritual and said hers was, “I will not judge.” He’s been upgraded from a schmuck to a prick.

Bracha told Patti about his checklists, interrogation, and lack of romance. Patti told him off and kicked him out of the club for his attitude and behavior.

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