Millionaire Matchmaker Season 5 Recap- Helping the Self-Helpers

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Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, held a dating seminar and gave tips to women about dating millionaires. She said the minute he crosses the threshold to sex, you let him know you want exclusivity. No monogamy, no sex. Period.

Meet Her MillionairesPatti Stanger

Steve G. Jones, 42, the hypnotherapist Patti uses for her clients is worth 4 million. He was married twice before. He gave up his daughter when he divorced his first wife. Patti said he needed to call her and apologize for giving her up. He’s going for his doctorate and needs someone educated and refined.

Gary Cox, 47, motivational speaker, has a very long list of requirements. Patti said he has NPD- narcissistic perfectionist disorder. Patti confronted him about his list and called him a control freak. She made him come up with five non-negotiable requirements and eliminate the rest. He chose Christian, gorgeous, happy, domesticated, and wants children. The man needs to look in the mirror, because he’s going to remain single if the woman requires him to be gorgeous too. He insisted he was going to marry and have baby girl twins.

Applicants— Educated Girls for Steve, Bible thumpers and Boobies for Gary

A 42-year-old psychic showed up and Patti made her give a reading. There were many independent, well-educated women that showed up for the interview. There was even a 30-year-old virgin in grad school.


Steve is fully committed to finding his daughter. He hired a private investigator to find her. He talked easily with the women. He was drawn to Sally, the first redhead Patti has ever allowed into the club. He also chose Lynn, the psychic, for his other mini-date. He spoke easily with both women. Steve chose Sally for his master date.

Gary talked at the girls instead of talking to them. He was asking questions and telling them his requirements. He told them he was set in his ways, didn’t drink soda, and asked them if they ate meat. Then he told them he wanted to find out their ages. One looked shocked and offended. He chose Michelle and Jennifer for his mini-dates. He interrogated Jennifer and she obviously didn’t like him. She thought he was egotistical. Patti had to have a talk with him about his attitude before he met with Michelle. Gary chose Jennifer because she was gorgeous and feminine. It would have been great to watch her dump him, but she opted to go along with it.

Surf’s Up

Steve has never surfed before, but thought it would be fun. He hired a professional surfer to give them a lesson. Sally took to it better than Steve, and was able to stand up on the board.

At dinner, Sally questioned him about his weird statement about his daughter. It was an awkward, uncomfortable dinner, with Steve on the defensive.

Steve and Sally didn’t go out again, but he is working on a relationship with his daughter.

Queen for the Day

Gary took Jennifer to a spa for royal treatment, but the catch was he gave her the treatment. He kept talking to her about her being pregnant with his baby girl twins. She thought it was weird and ignored it.

At dinner, Jennifer put Gary on the spot and interrogated him. He stepped up and impressed her. He wrote a poem for her and read it to her over dinner. They agreed to go out again.

Jennifer and Gary are still dating, but she’s still not pregnant with twin baby girls.

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