Millionaire’s Latina Girlfriend Billboard Near San Diego Highway Sparks Controversy (Video)

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San Diego millionaire Marc Paskin wants “una novia latina” for Christmas this year, which is translated to a Latina girlfriend. But Paskin isn’t just telling friends. He put up a Latina girlfriend billboard at I-5 and 28th street, a predominantly Latino neighborhood in San Diego, which shows a picture of him and the message “All I want for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend.” Then, it lists an email address.

It’s not going to be easy sorting through all those emails. Paskin is worth around $200 million, and prospective girlfriends will easily find that out if they read or watch the news. But what will be difficult is for Paskin to weed out all the gold diggers — Latina or not — and find a genuine, attractive girlfriend that he will like.

Paskin seems like a great guy, with some of the media outlets reports past philanthropy like giving a million dollars to the UC San Diego Eye Center and handing out $125,000 in ten dollar bills to those living in a Detroit neighborhood. “When I die, no one will be at my funeral talking about my cash flow or how many properties I own,” Paskin said in an interview last year “But they will be talking about my heart, and how I used my success to help others in need. Giving back, helping others — to me, that is success, not the size of your bank account.”

Paskin is 63 and was married to his wife Marsha for 28 years. Sadly she died in 2002 from diabetes. Some are blasting Paskin for the Latina girlfriend billboard, likely because they consider it somehow racist, but there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain type of person. Putting a billboard up may seem eccentric to some, but so did online dating at one point in the recent past. Kudos to Marc Paskin for knowing what he wants and not being afraid to go for it.

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