Millions of Sardines, not Anchovies, Dead in Marina – Oxygen Deprivation to Blame?

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Recently, millions of dead sardines, not anchovies, were found floating in a California marina. Officials initially identified the fish as anchovies. However, further inspection confirmed the fish were sardines.

Dead fish float inside King Harbor.Andrew Hughan, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Game told Reuters:

“Essentially Basin 1 of Redondo Beach Harbor is full of dead sardines floating on the water, probably five percent of the total basin harbor is filled with sardines that are dead.”

That’s not a small number of fish. Anchovies or not, it’s a shame there’s a million dead sardines. As if the world isn’t struggling with over fishing and food shortages, to have all these dead fishes and the inability to make use of them is a horrible waste.

Hughan stated, “It looks like they just swam in the wrong direction and ended up in a corner of the pier that doesn’t have any free-flowing oxygen in it”

He added, “There’s nothing that appears to be out of sorts, no oil sheen no chemicals, no sign of any kind of illegal activity. As one fisherman just told me, this is natural selection.”

The fish were rotting and had begun to foul up the harbor when they were discovered. According to Trudy Padilla, the marina’s tenant services coordinator, the fish “suddenly began showing up overnight, and that one end of the marina has been blocked off as cleanup operations get organized.”

Redondo Beach Police Sgt. Phil Keenan stated, “The issue now is cleanup because we have tons and tons of dead fish rotting and putrefying, which obviously creates hazardous material. We’re in the process of figuring out what we’re going to do.”

Biologists have “tentatively” concluded the dead sardines died from oxygen deprivation after they were forced into the harbor by a storm.

Natural selection or not, anchovies or not, it’s still a crying shame a million fish died. Perhaps this is another sign that the end of the world is near! Readers, what do you think about these dead fishes.

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