Mind Games, by Susan Kaye Quinn

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A zero is someone who can’t read minds; in a world of mind-readers that’s not something your best friend wants you to be. But all the wishing in this world won’t change the fact that Kira’s not gone through the change, while Raf hears all the world and all the corridors of school ring to the sound of his love for the girl who can’t tell what he’s thinking.

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Mind Games introduces the teens of this curious world and nicely fills in how it might feel to hear, to know… to be cruel and to be wounded. Raf’s voice is convincing, torn between the lure of his future and the love of his past, trying to protect without letting himself seem too far out of place. He’s popular. He’s successful. He doesn’t quite know why students still study the fiction of a mind-blind past. And I want to know more.

I want to know who Raf will take to dance. I want to know if Kira can tell what lies behind Jennifer’s smile. And I want there to be hope. By the end of this short story I’m mourning loss and eager to read more novels of the series. The story’s not complete, but the setup is after this enjoyably quick intriguing read. Mind Games introduces a young adult series with a fascinating premise, great characters and justifiably confident writing; it’s highly recommended.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to get a free ecopy of this short story.

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