Mindful Poetry Contest 2012 Poems-of-the-Day

Day  1: Little Willie Becomes a Jerk by Charli Mills

Day  2: Sexy Sax Septolet by Granny Janny

Day  3: Alison’s Abecedarian All-Nighter by Alison H.

Day  4: I’ve Been Wondering by Kerry Dexter

Day  5: In Light of the Dutch Golden Age by Atticus *

Day  6: Horseless Carriage by Doug Westberg

Day  7: John by Stirling D.

Day  8: Xenophobia by Veronica Hosking

Day  9: Whale Watching by A. F. Stewart

Day 10: Only Sky Between Us by Atticus *

Day 11: Untitled Limerick by Doug Westberg

Day 12: Lovely Pi by Katryn D.

Day 13: Tale of the Fuguepie Fiend by A. F. Stewart

Day 14: Creative Space by Atticus *

Day 15: The Contest by Richard Lynn Livesay

Day 16: Fibonacci Beauty by Janet “Jax” B.

Day 17: After This…by Stephen Berwaldt

Day 18: The Snow Queen by A. F. Stewart

Day 19: Untitled Triolet by Barbara H.

Day 20: Creating History by Angie O.

Day 21: Journeys by Kerry Dexter


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"Always try to add a little fizz and ginger to everything you write." --Matthew Stibbe

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