Mindful Poetry Contest: April 18, 2012


With a name like Trimeric, you’d think the form would have three of something like stanzas or syllables, but it doesn’t. Not really. It’s a non-rhyming form for those of you who are tired of rhyming. No need to count syllables either! Check out the link above for further information.

If you are new to this group or contest, go here to learn more and then come back to participate in today’s challenge. 

Follow these rules:

  1. Today’s prompt, use any and as many as you want of the following jabberwocky words: cracklejack, icebrink, fuguepie, chewsy (yes, spelled that way. You can have the word mean whatever you think it should mean)
  2. Publish so that the date stamped is April 18th with only one stamp-date
  3. Tag with MP2012
  4. Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

Read today’s submissions by others and comment. Here’s the link.

Yesterday we received 16 P3-57 submissions to the Mindful Poetry Contest. This was a very difficult choice today. You rallied and submitted some amazing poems. I ended up counting syllables of every line. Here is the Poem-of-the-Day.

Good luck! Have fun! Read and comment on other contestants here.

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