Mindful Poetry Contest: April 2, 2012


We’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.
When we read we begin with A-B-C, when we poem, we begin with Little Willie.

 To learn the details of a Little Willie, click on the link above.

If you are new to this group or contest, go here to learn more and then come back to participate in today’s challenge.

Follow these rules:

  1. This form uses four lines.
  2. Use a rhyme scheme of a-a-b-b or a-b-a-b.
  3. Today’s prompt: include a kitchen utensil.
  4. Publish so that the date stamped is April 2nd
  5. tag with MP2012
  6. Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

Read today’s submissions by others and comment. Here’s the link.

  Good luck! Have fun! Read and comment on other contestants here.

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