Mindful Poetry Contest — April 2nd, 2010

Today’s form is the nonnet.  This link takes you to Wikipedia.  When I was researching the form earlier today, I clicked on an innocent looking link and ran into a virus so be careful if you go looking.  Some link out there references nonnet, but contains a virus  Wiki does not.

If you are new to this contest, here is a link to the contest rules.

In brief:

  • The first line contains nine syllables
  • Each succeeding line has one less syllable until the ninth line, which has one syllable
  • Prompts: refer to fire of some sort
  • tag with MindfulPoetryContest2010
  • read the rules linked above if you haven’t already

The above is what I require in your nonnet for today’s contest.  Regardless of where you live in the world, post your nonnet so that it’s dated April 2nd, 2010. Talk to me if you live in the Eastern Hemisphere and can’t make this deadline.

This is optional in creating your nonnet: The nonnet has iambic meter.  That is, every other syllable is stressed.

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