Mindful Poetry Contest: April 9, 2012



We will be counting syllables today: 20 of them. Look here for a more details explanation of tetractys (teh-trac-tiss).

Also, please let me know if I have not commented and recommended your poem by 11:30 pm Boston-time. I will *always* recommend every poem for this contest and leave a remark before chosing the Poem-of-the-Day. I search by tag and even then, some tagged poems escape me.

If you are new to this group or contest, go here to learn more and then come back to participate in today’s challenge.  

Follow these rules:

  1. This form uses 20 syllables.
  2. And 5 total lines.
  3. Today’s prompt: Use the letter Z four times
  4. Publish so that the date stamped is April 9th and only one stamp date unless you leave a message in the comment section.
  5. Tag with MP2012
  6. Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

Read today’s submissions by others and comment. Here’s the link.

Last Friday we received 16 pantoum submissions to the Mindful Poetry Contest. Here is the Poem-of-the-Day.

Last Wednesday we received 23 abecedarians. Here is that day’s Poem-of-the-Day.

Last week we received 108 poems submitted to the contest. Here is the Poem-of-the-Week.

Good luck! Have fun! Read and comment on other contestants here.

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