Mindy McCready not cleared by police in Wilson’s death, yet

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Mindy McCready still has not been cleared in the alleged shooting death of her boyfriend David Wilson according to a recent police statement to E! News on Friday.

David Wilson’s body, along with other items, have been submitted to the Arizona state crime lab according to Cleburn County Sheriff Marty Moss, and until police have information back telling them how he really died then they are refusing to say if McCready is a suspect in the case or not because the investigation is ongoing.

Mindy McCready, David Wilson, SuicideIt could takes weeks or months for law enforcement to know the exact cause of death in the case if there is some type of foul play involved or if toxicology tests are not immediately processed. Toxicology tests can be backlogged at state crime labs when there are a lot of similar tests needing to be conducted or funding has resulted in manpower reductions.

It appears, however, that there may be more than just a backed up crime lab impacting this case, because Moss said that police are looking into some other things about the case, just as they would any case like this. And that’s what has some suspecting that McCready might end up being a suspect in the death of her boyfriend, who her spokesperson says died of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

There is also the refusal of the sheriff to outright deny that David Wilson’s girlfriend is a suspect, which is leaving the public to speculate that she may actually be one. Why else would the sheriff make it so obvious he wasn’t going to clear her name right now? And it doesn’t help that it wasn’t police who said Wilson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound; it was Mindy McCready’s spokesperson. And how would she know unless that’s what Mindy told her happened? The police say they didn’t put that information out there.

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