Mindy McCready Pictures: Introducing Roger Clemens “Sex Tape” Affair Mistress [Video]

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Mindy McCready Pictures: Introducing Roger Clemens “Sex Tape” Affair Mistress [Video]


Another marriage/home wrecking on front cover naughty “kiss and tell” dish addition for public consumption has emerged for Roger Clemens. Not Jesse James just to be completely clear. The legendary baseball player has been hitting some extra ending with country starlet Mindy McCready.

If McCready was not already a household name before confirmed released information about her affair with the married Clemens then she sure will be now.  Hit hot trends top ten may be something new for McCready. But, I have a feeling she going to love getting used to it as she rising up faster than a lightening. Expected to see and hear more about the mistress of Roger Clemens as she is set to make a household name for herself instantaneously overnight.

Revealing and sexy text messages and revealing hot photos of Mindy McCready are appearing everywhere. Check out her hot and sexy all over style here.


Mindy McCready Pictures:


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