Mini Darth Vader of Volkswagen Fame, Max Page, Faces Heart Surgery

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Max Page, the tiny seven-year-old who stole hearts as Volkswagen’s mini Darth Vader, is having heart issues of his own. He’s facing open heart surgery.

The cute tot captured America’s attention during one of last year’s many star-studded Super Bowl commercials. In it, dressed as the dark lord, he attempts to start his parents’ Volkswagen using the power of the force. Of course, it didn’t work at first. However, after a parent spies the scene, little Darth gets a magical assist with Volkswagen’s remote starting ability. Consequently, the tot becomes convinced the force is with him.

The cute commercial struck home with a lot of people; those who grew up with Star Wars in the ’70s and ’80s and the newer turn of the century crowd too. So the ad was a big hit with a lot of age groups.

Max is also a soap star on The Young and the Restless. He plays the role of Reed. However, the young actor was born with a defective heart valve that needs replacing. Consequently, his next starring role will be on the operating table. Surgeons will replace the valve as well as prepare a hole in Max’s heart.

Max is realistic about the procedure. He told his mother, “…I don’t have a choice. I have to go through it…So I think I might as well do it with a good attitude.” Courage is rare in someone so young. Surely the force will stay with America’s mini Darth Vader. No doubt all his fans will.

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