Miniature Horse Gets Prosthetic Leg, New Lease on Life (Video)

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A miniature horse named Midnite received a prosthetic leg, saving him from being euthanized. Why he wound up needing the prosthetic is a sad story with an ending to bring tears to your eyes.


Midnite was born with the lower half of his back right leg missing. His first owner took very poor care of him, leading to his being placed with Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle, TX. Even they weren’t too sure of his chances.

miniature horse prosthetic leg,miniature horse,prosthetic leg,ranch hand rescue,prosthetic care,argyle txThe miniature horse’s prosthetic leg was Ranch Hand Rescue’s attempt to get Midnite some real movement in his life. Considering his age, they weren’t sure what would happen. Maybe, at best, he’d walk on it.

Prosthetic Care was approached for the job, according to CBS News. They’d never made a fake hoof before, but donated their work and the materials. A kindness is never a wrong move. The free advertising is a bonus.

Once the miniature horse received his prosthetic leg, he surprised everyone by being able to run and jump almost immediately. And he’s so adorable doing so in the video, don’t you think?

Midnight and Ranch Hand Rescue are the key ingredients for this great feel-good story. With how the world’s gone insane lately, a few of those every day can’t be a bad treatment, either.

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