Minka Kelly Sex Tape? Derek Jeter’s Ex-Girlfriend Goes Silent

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Rumors that a Minka Kelly sex tape have been swirling this week. Kelly, ex-girlfriend of Derek Jeter, Jake Gyllenhaal, and others, has gone quite in the wake of what could become an embarrassing situation for the young actress.

Apparently, the alleged sex tape is being shopped, that is if there is in fact a sex tape. It is not surprising that Minka has stayed mum on the subject. Even her Twitter account has gone dark this week.

So, is this a tape of Minka and Jeter, Gyllenhaal, or even Wilmer Valderrrama? That is highly unlikely. The rumor is that this is actually a much older tape that was supposedly recorded back around 1998. Making this tape even more interesting, the music on this supposed tape is from Brandy’s album Never Say Never which was released two weeks before Minka Kelly’s 18th birthday.

That’s right, the person who filmed this tape could face child porn charges for filming Minka Kelly underage. Talk about a sticky situation for someone to try to cash-in on Kelly’s fame. If the alleged tape sees the light of day, expect there to be plenty of legal action, that’s for sure.

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