Minka Kelly Walks Dog Amid Wilmer Valderrama Dating Rumors!

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The Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama rumors have floated around the tabloids and blog-o-sphere. The thing is, the only thing Minka seems to be dating is her dog.

Hopefully the paparazzi won’t start following Minka Kelly around like she is Miley Cyrus walking her dog. Still, Minka was photographed picking-up after her pooch. Of course, the news certainly would be plastered all over the place. Still, doesn’t Minka need a man to help her with the chores like walking the dog.

According to reports though, that man is not Wilmer Valderrama… or is it? The speculation is that Wilmer and Minka are an item, though both are denying the fact. For Kelly, this would be a rebound from Derek Jeter and for Wilmer… just another Hollywood hottie on his list of Hollywood hotties. One thing is for sure, if Wilmer Valderrama and Minka Kelly do start dating, he better bring a pooper-scooper.

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