Minnesota Driver Kills Two When He Was Having Sex While Behind The Wheel

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A Minnesota driver pleaded guilty to killing two people last year because he veered into oncoming traffic while driving because he was having sex behind the wheel. His plea to criminal vehicular homicide is in exchange for a four-year prison term. This crime is so stupid and tragic that the man shouldn’t even qualify for a Darwin award.

A man who drove while having sex with a married woman has pleaded guilty to killing her and a woman in the car he crashed into.

Mark Anders Chalin, 24, was driving while being straddled by 23-year-old Amber Menezes, who was married to another man. She was blocking his view–and probably what simple thoughts he had–and was killed on impact when Chalin smashed into another car. Jonna Martin was the driver and a mother of four. She was also killed. Chalin had 26 broken bones (no broken boner?) and was hospitalized for 45 days.

Although Chalin told the jury he has no recollection of what happened, witnesses say they saw Menezes on top of him before the crash. The Minnesota driver has a lengthy criminal record of past charges, including trespassing and harassment. He admits to no wrongdoing, and even his mug shot shows a little smirk on his face. Maybe jail will be his opportunity for him to get his sexual kicks with his fellow inmates.

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