Minors Banned from Lady Gaga Concert in South Korea

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Lady Gaga has been working her butt off in preparation for one of the biggest concert tours of the year. Her Born This Way Ball tour kicks off later this month in Seoul, South Korea, but some Little Monsters will be left out of the festivities.

A recent decision by the Korea Media Rating Board has made it illegal for anybody under the age of 18 to attend one of Gaga’s concerts. If the highly coveted tickets have already been purchased for someone under 18, refunds will be issued. This could be good news for the adult crowd who missed the chance to get one of the tickets.

The Korean board has been inundated with requests to change the 12 and over age requirement from various organizations. One of which was the Korean Association of Church Communication who stated, “Our Christian community needs concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography.”

Lady Gaga is edgy, and loves to push the boundaries, but her message is one of acceptance and empowerment. Apparently, that irritates some folks, and they are working hard to keep her from spreading her message to impressionable youth.

Mother Monster took to her Twitter account today to express her feelings on the recent ruling.

“Thanku to all the adults in Korea who are speaking out for underaged who want to come to the BTW Ball. Maybe the gov. will change their mind. Although not affecting ticketsales in Seoul, parents should be given more credit to determine whats good for their children. I love my fans.”

In true showbiz fashion, the show will go on, but Koreans under the age of 18 will need to travel elsewhere to see it happen in person.

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