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Another small miracle

The houses and the structures

divide as birds gush into

the city like Moses’s hands.


I watch the fantastic scene

till someone calls. Rhythm of

spring absorbs eyes. Constant birds

are working out of habit.

You, friend, emerge through the trees

right then; call back the choices

made years ago and take

me for a walk through the streets

where he used to walk, hungry

for some imaginations.


We both know the streets end in

a house or any house where

doors are closed for two strangers.


:How are you undoing life?

I ask, curious. You smile.

:Someday you will meet me there.


The recesses, the porches,

the cornices and the trees

are full of nests. You become

an egg amongst the millions.


I watch the fantastic scene,

released from the guilt that I

was not present by your death.


© all rights are reserved by Kushal Poddar, 2010


A Visit In The Cancer ward



Cancer for his uncle will not

erase his smoking habit.


What else were you thinking?

A life’s payment will change another?


The flowers are adorned to wilt;

silence is given a window

to hear a whistling bird;

he asks his uncle at last,

does he need anything?



But a jar of defused sunlight

is all

his uncle

writes on a thin paper.

He vomits

in the sanitized bathroom

and lights a cloud.


What else were you thinking?

A life’s payment will change another?


© All Rights Reserved By Kushal Poddar 2010

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loves to write and read, dies to have your friendship.Here is my short bio:Kushal Poddar (1977- ) resides in the city of Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal, India. He began writing poems at the age of six in his vernacular Bengali. He begins pr

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