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Is she real

How can she be

A lovely figment of my imagination

A hologram of loveliness

bewitching me

In solitude

Her hair caressing

Shoulder blessed

With tender line

Pale breasts bedevil

Reveries with

Succulence too winsome

To ignore

Possessed am I

To believe her real

Though I thrill to hold her

In my dreams

I cannot sleep

Her breath a breeze

Upon my cheek

From across the sea

She reaches me

I pinch myself

To see if madness is my fear

But still, she’s here

Her sweet “I love you”

Echoes through my drear

My loneliness

She steals

Too beautiful

To fathom

she loves me

My years been spent

A tale been told

And yet my spirit strives to be

Embroiled with hers

And she with mine


These lips I taste

Her flesh against my own

So much more than merely

A mirage

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