Miranda Cosgrove Turns 18, ‘iCarly’ Actress Reveals Plans

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Happy birthday, Miranda Cosgrove! The actress turns 18 today and she’s planning on celebrating in a big way. It’s hard to believe that she’s growing up so fast, but she is. And she’s done it before our eyes – from her early days on Drake & Josh to her star turn on iCarly, Miranda is enjoying a level of success that many celebs don’t achieve for decades. She’s becoming a seasoned professional (and a gorgeous one at that)!

How does Miranda Cosgrove plan on celebrating her big day? A few days ago, she told E! News that she wants a new car and a new tandem bicycle, because she’s really into bike riding. As for her actual birthday, she said, “I’m excited. I get to vote. And I can drive. I could already do that when I was 16 but I’m going to actually do it now.”

File:MirandaCosgrove.jpgWhat teen doesn’t want a flashy new ride? Miranda Cosgrove is no different, though she does admit she’s more concerned about the color of her new car than the make and model. Will she go car shopping today? Probably not. Miranda is in Memphis, Tennessee, where she and Victoria Justice (Victorious) are headlining a major fundraiser for the St. Jude Children’s research hospital. What an awesome way to spend a birthday – giving back to others in need. Bravo, Miranda, and happy birthday!

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