Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Baby Flynn Picture: Beautiful or Inappropriate?

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The first shot of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s new son is one that’s stirring up a mild controversy. It’s well known that those first photos of star tots are often some of the most sought after shots for media outlets to print. The photos of Flynn is no exception, and like most star infant photos, it comes with a bit of mild displeasure and controversy.

Generally, the complaint about star photos is that they were paid a large sum for selling the photo to the media, but not this time. This time the photo, which was released by Miranda Kerr on her blog is causing a stir because she’s nursing young Flynn in it.

The comments posted at Popeater seem to be a mix of those that think this photo is appropriate and those that are, well, just plain grossed out by it. “Tiffany,” for example, posted a particularly biting comment about the shot. “Why on this earth would you make that photo public? To me that should be kept private… that’s just as bad as women doing it out in public for everyone to see… disgusting.”

How can a well-covered photo of a child being nourished be disgusting? It seems that others might not feel as strongly as she does, but also that she’s not alone in this thought process, either, like “Sunny” who wrote, “Beautiful but this picture should kept in private belong to Flynn’s baby book not in the public.”

Yes, it’s true that nursing a child is a beautiful thing, and the photo is indeed a beautiful shot of the new mother and child. However, is there anything showing here that is in poor taste and cause for people to say the comments that have appeared online about it? We don’t think so. The photo is very tastefully done and showing a beautiful intimate bond between mother and child. There’s hardly anything showing on Kerr’s part, and the tot’s face is covered for privacy. We think this was a wonderful shot to share with the public, who undoubtedly wanted to see what Flynn looked like.

So, why all the negativity about the photo? Honestly we can’t see what the fuss is about. How about you? Do you think the photo should have been a private family shot, or do you think that it’s a beautiful, tastefully done photo of the new mother and child? Weigh in below.

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