Mirror, mirror on the wall – Rhyme Sublime Week 7 Prompt

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Which one’s fairer, small or tall?


Take a sip of grog

Kiss the ugly frog


Wow, the sight’s disarming, most alarming

There’s before you your Prince Charming!


Be he small or tall

Is not what counts at all

You don’t want him grim

He should satisfy your every whim

Put the magic slipper on your foot

For the photo shoot, what a hoot

Make the wicked witch

Prick her finger with the stitch

The old hag has planned

For you to be damned


When this is all done

You can have some fun

The air is clear, hear, oh hear

Marry your Prince, have no fear

A squabble now and then, no great disaster

You’ll live happily, let’s hope, ever after…







©2012 Irina Dimitric


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