Misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder…

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I've been misdiagnosed with Bipolar? Or.. have I? Some try to say I'm mentally ill; some say I'm crazy, while people judge way too much. If only they could take the time to know me, without diagnosing me with Bipolar Disorder? If they would pay more respect, before trying to drug me up on drugs and make me worse? But.. it's simply this, doctors do not pay respect from my experience. They keep asking, "What medicine would you want to try next" or the "You need to try this medicine because of this, this, this, and this." They list symptoms, but do you really have them? You begin to believe you're mentally ill; you begin to think you're crazy. You begin to diagnose yourself and think you have all these disorders, when simply, you've had a tough road or not the perfect life. If someone isn't perfect? What disorder do they have? OCD, Bipolar, ADHD? Does this mean we are all being misdiagnosed? Of course not. Each person may display symptoms severely; some may be in denial (I'm not saying I'm in denial), but I've been diagnosed with 17 disorders in my life or more (about 1 a year and this has decreased my self esteem. If only they'd pay more respect for me being me and not tell me I have a disease, then maybe I will improve? Maybe I wouldn't have as many symptoms to meet the criteria for Bipolar if they'd say "okay, you don't have Bipolar, but I love you for you and that's all that matters." I've been on many medicines for Bipolar and noticed, they only make me worse.. Some made me think about killing people (especially Prozac); some made me have thoughts of suicide (more than before medicine). Do I still have suicidal thoughts? Of course. Everyone does from time to time. To the extreme? No, not anymore. Am I managing my suicidal thoughts? Of course I am. How am I managing? Many may ask. It's hard. Simply hard, but with the right amount of support you can do it. I'm not advising some to go off medicines, as some may improve greatly with medicines, but from my experience medicine will never help me. I'm doing great without medicine, haven't had any manic episodes, about to get married, am pregnant (unborn child) and yes I'm not perfect. No, simply not perfect, but I do have mood swings? Where do my mood swings come from? My hormones.. simply my hormones. If only people knew about women and the monthly? haha! It's funny, but its true. That's when I have most of my mood swings. I'm pregnant and constantly have mood swings, and before being pregnant, I constantly had mood swings, this doesn't mean I need medicine.

Here are some ways that have helped me relieve my anxiety/mood swings:

~ going for a walk / exercising – it releases endorphins in the brain chemistry

~ talking to someone I know close that will support and not judge me (judging can trigger another mood swing)

~ go to the park

~ getting involved with the community cheers me up all the time

~ eating sugar (believe me, it helps me- maybe not you, though).

~ listening to music and dancing

~ crying when I need to – but limiting it, so it won't get out-of-control

~ calling a friend

~ writing poetry to express how I feel

~ and other stuff..


It's really not hard for me to manage my mood swings, I've noticed its rather easy, but for some people, it can be a daily struggle as it use to be for me.

Take care all..

God Bless,


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