‘Miserable’ Jessica Simpson Calls Off Wedding to Eric Johnson: Is Their Relationship ‘Doomed’?

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Jessica Simpson was supposed to marry fiancé Eric Johnson on Nov. 11. Now, there might not be a wedding at all.

The singer and former NFL player are having major problems and have agreed to postpone the nuptials indefinitely — “and friends say the relationship is doomed,” The National Enquirer is reporting.

“This should be the happiest, most joy­ous time of Jessica’s life, but instead she’s miserable,” a “family insider” dishes to the mag. “She and Eric are just not happy together, and they’ve agreed to put off their wedding.”

This isn’t surprising. Several reports over the past few months have claimed the pair were having problems and that Jessica was having second thoughts, and usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The Enquirer’s sources confirm that, saying the relationship was indeed already falling apart when Jessica began telling friends last month that she’s pregnant and that they’ve just “been putting on a brave face in public.”

“Eric’s feeling like an outcast with Jessica, and her family fears he’s using her as a meal ticket,” the insider tells the mag. “Jessica’s parents, Tina and Joe, are worried she’ll wind up like her younger sister Ashlee — a single mom raising a child in a broken home.”

Are Jessica Simpson’s parents just now starting to worry that Eric Johnson is a gold digger? This guy dropped out of business school to follow her around and hasn’t had a job their entire relationship. Plus, she put him on her payroll and gave him a corporate card. It’s a little late to worry that he’s “using her as a meal ticket!” And now there’s (reportedly) a child involved. If he’s not the custodial parent, which the Simpsons will never allow, will Jessica still have to pay him child support? Or will she just write him a big check to go away? Either way, he’s going to cost her a lot of money.

What do you think? Will Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson get married? Will they go their separate ways? And do you think Eric is still having to explain whether it’s chicken or tuna to Jessica (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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