Miss America Pageant 2012 Results Shocker: Contestant Saved

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The Miss America 2012 pageant just did something that has never happened before. They announced the 12 finalists, and there were three who were left out of the pageant. However, suddenly, the hosts announced that the other contestants had to line up behind the woman they wanted to stay in the competition. That woman was saved.

File:Teresa Scanlan at Langley Air Force Base.jpgThe Miss America 2012 contestant who was saved as the 13th finalist was Miss Alabama Courtney Porter. She joined the other 12 finalists Miss Louisiana, Miss Iowa, Miss Illinois, Miss South Carolina, Miss New York, Miss Wisconsin, Miss Florida, Miss Tennessee, Miss Arizona, Miss Texas, Miss California, and Miss Oklahoma (who was America’s Choice in the semifinal round).

The contestants who had not made it to the semifinals seemed quite shocked to be asked to suddenly pick on of the three remaining contestants to send on to the finals. Ultimately, they lined up behind the three of them, and more of them ended up behind Miss Alabama. Will this save make a difference in the pageant’s outcome? Were you surprised that it happened? Who do you think Teresa Scanlan will crown for 2012?

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