Miss Me Yet? Definitely Not.

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It’s OK Minnesotans!  If you’re driving west on I-35, there’s no need to panic.  The George Bush billboard you’re seeing, asking if you “Miss Me Yet,” is not advancing warning.  It is not a sign of the apocalypse; well, maybe it is….. Surely it’s a sign of mental illness!  One thing is for sure, no one is taking credit (or is that blame) for it, although the flurry this is creating will no doubt uncover the responsible parties soon. 

Is this an indictment of President Obama’s performance?  Perhaps it’s just someone’s idea of a joke – surely whoever put it there cannot actually be serious about missing GW Bush from the President’s office!  Of course it is appropo that yet another joke could possibly be associated with the George Bush presidency.  At least this one has the potential for not being a bad joke.

Speculation was rife on blogs on Monday and Tuesday as to whether the Miss Me Yet billboard sign was an indictment of President Obama’s performance so far or a reminder of Bush’s unpopularity. 

Nobody has claimed the Miss Me Yet billboard, located on Interstate 35 near Wyoming, Minn., but the media flurry surrounding it is likely to dig up the purchaser sooner rather than later. 

The picture of the billboard is real – it’s not Photoshopped.  And the news media is on fire with reports about this crazy- let-us-hope-it’s-a-stunt story!

But, according to an eyewitness interviewed on National Public Radio, the Miss Me Yet billboard really exists and questions of its origin abound. 

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