Miss Norway Monica Hansen Plastic Surgery Lawsuit (with photos)

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Former Miss Norway and Playboy model Monica Hansen hit the news a few months back when she sued her ex-boyfriend and plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein. Seems Hochstein was using pictured of the breasts he built for Monica Hansen on his website. Though Hochstein took the photos down, Monica Hansen won a $564,555 default settlement, which will be appealed on Sept 30th.

The Monica Hansen/ Hochstein story gets a little wrinklier (yes, it’s a word) when an email from her madam Michelle Braun surfaced that told Monica Hansen to let him use the photos in exchange for the highly discounted (and in some accounts, free) surgeries.

But what strikes me as humorous about Monica Hansen’s lawsuit (and behavior in general) is that most every girl I know who’s got her boobs done LOVES showing them off. One girl I knew (who so happened to be a lesbian – and a real one at that; none of that college lesbian phase) had no problem showing them off to me. Hell, she insisted on it.  In a bar no less.

So why does Monica Hansen object so much for Hochstein showing off his work. I’ve looked at photos of Monica Hansen (below) and let me tell you, her doctor’s an artist. And what artist doesn’t ultimately want to show off his work?









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