Miss Texas Brooke Daniels in Mysterious Engagement Ring Lawsuit by NFL Star Roy Williams

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Former Miss Texas Brooke Daniels was reportedly being sued by her former boyfriend, NFL star Roy Williams, for $77,000. The reason for the lawsuit? Rejecting Williams’ marriage proposal, but keeping the pricey $77k ring he gave her. Luckily, it appears the lawsuit issue has been settled, but the question of what went wrong remains.

A report from Christian Post on Wednesday notes that Daniels was living with Williams for over a year. She received the engagement ring from the NFL wide receiver through the mail. Also included with the ring were a baseball, $5,000 to help Daniels pay for “school and dental bills,” and a marriage proposal via pre-recorded video. That’s one hefty proposal, not to mention she’d be marrying a millionaire from the National Football League. However, it apparently was not enough for Brooke, who said “No” to the deal.

There’s been no reason given for Brooke Daniels rejecting Roy Williams’ proposal yet, though. She initially held on to the ring, which ultimately prompted the lawsuit as Williams wanted it back. However, Brooke claimed to have lost the engagement ring, just six weeks after she knew about the pending lawsuit. It later turned up that her father, Michael Daniels, had the ring. He said they kept the ring because Williams told Brooke “he was confident that she would change her mind.”

Once Brooke Daniels and her father gave the ring back, the lawsuit was finally ended by Roy Williams. Daniels’ father reportedly said he wanted to wash his hands of this all because of the hassle. He also said, “I’ll take care of my daughter. I don’t need him.” Maybe he doesn’t, but will he really be able to give his daughter the high-priced lifestyle an NFL star could? Roy Williams, now with the Chicago Bears after a trade from the Dallas Cowboys, is said to earn just under $2.5 million as of his latest deal, according to the Spotrac site.

One has to wonder what really went down in this situation to make Brooke Daniels say no to a NFL star. Maybe she has seen too many celebrity-sports relationships and marriages go awry? Just look at the Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce, as well as the recent break up involving Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa. Still, these days some of the scorned former sports wives do pretty well once the divorce dust settles. Maybe she felt there is more potential for a successful career and life after marrying and divorcing an NBA star?

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