‘Missile’ UFO Disappears over Germany (Video)

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A speedy UFO caught on film flying over Germany is unusual because of its strange shape, which most resembles an ICBM missile. Also, it seems to disappear into thin air. What is it?

The video suffers from some quality issues as the witness claims he quickly grabbed his camera before it escaped his view. The object is caught zooming over some treetops of an unidentified area of Germany as the cameraman tries mightily to zoom in and correct the lens for the best shot.

The YouTuber extends the segment several times with some magnified views which only serve to prove this is no airplane, since there are no wings and no exhaust. The UFO is tubular and looks very much like a missile.

As the segment plays out, the object gets lost behind the trees and when the witness tries to recapture it on the other side of the treetops, it seems to disappear.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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