Missing 2-year-old Tierra Morgan Found Drowned: Manhunt for Dad

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The tiny hand of 2-year-old Tierra Morgan was seen sticking above the water. Under it, police discovered the little girl’s body still strapped to the car seat. She was last seen in the custody of her father, Arthur Morgan III, who is now the subject of a manhunt by police.

Tierra Morgan was last seen Monday when her father picked her up for a court-appointed visit. Arthur Morgan III was supposed to be taking her to see the movie ‘Happy Feet Two’. The father and his child never returned. According to the court order, Morgan had until 9 pm bring back his daughter. By ten, the little girl’s mother called police. The 24-year-old mother’s real nightmare arrive about 6:45 pm on Tuesday when she was informed her daughter had been found dead.

Kids playing in Shark River Park in Monmouth County spotted the little girl’s hand above the water and notified police. Her lifeless body was laying face down in the stream still tightly attached to her car seat. This must have been a horrible experience for the children in the park.

Police are now searching for the father of Tierra Morgan. A warrant was issue for Morgan, 27, of Ocean Township, New Jersey prior to the little girl’s discovery. It says he is wanted on charges of endangerment and custodial interference. It looks like he may now end up with murder charges.

The mother of little Tierra Morgan, Imani Benton, expressed her sock by saying, “The detectives came to my door and told me she was dead in the woods. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know what to think. I just don’t know.” Hopefully, when they find the girl’s father the truth will come out about what happened to the child. In the mean time, a grieving mother is living through a nightmare.

Tierra Morgan (r.), a 2-year-old girl from Lakehurst in Ocean County, was last seen with her father, Arthur Morgan III, authorities said. The toddler was found dead in a Monmouth County park Tuesday.

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