Missing: 50-Foot Steel Bridge in PA

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Yes, a 50-foot steel bridge is really missing in New Castle, PA. The structure was not publicly owned, but a private one maintained by New Castle Development, a company in New Castle.

Why Steal a Bridge?

The large structure, which is 50-feet long and 20-feet wide, was worth $100,000 to scrap metal thieves. The thieves had to use a blow torch to cut apart heavy structure that was sparingly used to get access to the back of the facility. Sadly, the company does not think they will be able to replace it and there is no lead on whom or where the thieves could be.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time something so large was stolen. In 2008 a 200-ton bridge went missing in Khabarovsk, Russia which left employees to the local heating plant looking for a new route to work. As in the Pennsylvania case, authorities suspected scrap metal thieves stole the bridge.

Rising Prices, Slow Economy

The prices for scrap metal are rising to as much as $4 a pound. Compound this with the current economy and more people are recycling metal. While this is good for the industry, it also comes with a price. Some of the metals are not being obtained legally. To try to lessen the criminal aspect of the industry, some business owners are requiring identification when selling scrap metal, but not all business’s will be as honest.

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