Missing a gwwe prompted mystery

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  • Local Shepherd’s Animals Missing, Rough Ending Feared
  • Loretta BoPeep Mystified About Lost Sheep
    “I just can’t cotton to my darlings being gone,” owner laments.
  • Search Abandoned for Missing Ewes
  • Unidentified Movement Detected
    “I looked out the window and it looked like a wagging tail,” says witness
  • Lambs and Rams Return from the Lost
    read amazing story inside, page 3
  • In other news, leg of lamb was served at the City Council meeting

Prompts for January 19, 2011

  • Tell your story via a series of newspaper headlines, so use the bullet icon in your editor mode of the Gather editor (this is where you go to create your posts to publish on Gather. For example, my prompts here are written using bullets.)
  • Use the words: cotton, window, serve, & rough
  • tag with gwwe
  • publish by Tuesday, January 25th for publication in next week’s column

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