Missing Baby Found After Two-Month Disappearance

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A missing baby has been located after over two months of worry — and amazingly enough she was located several states away from where she was last seen. Stories with endings like these help in creating hope for families of missing children everywhere, but it must be noted that this is an extremely uncommon occurrence, as exciting and wonderful as it may be.

University of Kentucky

Seventeen-month-old Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra was located in the parking lot of the University of Kentucky campus. She was found alone after witnesses reported seeing a suspicious looking woman pushing a stroller in the area.

It was fortunate that little Alouette was found when she was for she was not dressed appropriately in the cold winter climate. In below freezing temperatures, the child lacked covering on her feet and head and hands.

The missing baby vanished from California over two months ago, so this is an exciting update. It’s not common that missing children are found alive after so long — with the first 48 to 72 hours being the most vital. Hopefully more answers come out in this confusing case. In the meantime, the loved ones of this child are undoubtedly over-the-moon with joy. They got perhaps one of the best holiday gifts a family could get — the return of a missing loved one.

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