Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Turns 1–Where is She?

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Missing Kansas City, Missouri baby Lisa Irwin is one year old today, Friday November 11th. Where is the sweet little girl who reportedly disappeared from her crib during the early morning hours of October 4th? Birthdays can often be bittersweet for a variety of reasons, but that of a missing 1-year-old brings with it a pain so incredibly profound it is literally indescribable. A plethora of unanswered questions accompany that pain for many.

According to a report from CNN, the focus of the investigation seems to vary–with it switchingLISA Irwin Missing - Updates, Thoughts & Concerns back and forth from Lisa’s mother Deborah Bradley to acquaintances she may have had contact with on the night her child went missing. At times the focus shifts to the possibility of an unknown, randown intruder.

Will Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin and their two sons hold some kind of a vigil in honor of baby Lisa Irwin’s 1st birthday Friday? If they truly have nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance, the day will undoubtedly be marked with heartache and intense sorrow and fear.

Deborah Bradley spent the night prior to Lisa Irwin’s disappearance drinking wine and smoking cigarettes on the steps of her home with a friend. She claims to have had enough wine to cause her to pass out. Jeremy Irwin was working during that time slot, and discovered Lisa missing some time after he returned home from work. When he arrived home, he found the ‘door unlocked, the lights on and a window tampered with.’

Hopefully missing baby Lisa Irwin is alive somewhere and celebrating her first birthday. As the days and weeks go on, however, those chances are dwindling. If Deborah Bradley is involved in her daughter’s disappearance, those chances are even furthered lessened.

Happy birthday to sweet little Lisa Irwin, wherever she may be. Prayers are no doubt increased today–her birthday–for the safe return of this precious child.

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