Missing Child’s Mother Sought ‘Sugar Daddy’

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Missing child, Sky Metalwala, is still nowhere to be found and foul play is a definite suspicion in this disappearance. It’s already been reported that the story seems like one just played on an episode of Law & Order — could that have inspired this? It seems that this investigation is revealing a lot of different things in the life of the mother. Is she suspicious to you?

Julia Biryukova with her son, Sky Metalwala. A local report said the 30-year-old mom set up a profile in a dating website that specialized in matching women with wealthy 'sugar daddies.'Most recently, a dating website for women seeking “sugar daddies,” has been investigated in connection to this child’s disappearance. Missing child Sky Metalwala has been missing for over 10 days now, so this lead appears to reveal a potential motive, in the event that the mother is somehow connected. Julia Biryukova hasn’t done a good job of staying off of police radar since she reported the child missing. This is the woman who claimed to have left her two-year-old child alone in a car she claims was out of gas. She told police she walked over a mile away to a gas station with her four-year-old daughter. When she returned, she alleges her son was gone.

Detectives are probing this “sugar daddy” dating website, as it is apparent that the woman had quite recently created a profile seeking a wealthy man. In her dating profile she is seeking a “mutually beneficial relationship” and wants up to $5,000 a month from whatever “sugar daddy” she finds. She claimed to be fluent in Russian, Ukranian and English, and she last accessed her account just days before her child vanished.

Was missing child, Sky Metalwala, in the way?

Could the young child simply had been in the way? Could this “sugar daddy” website profile be indicative of a plot to limit the baggage in her life? It’s well-known that the mother of Sky Metalwala was in a bitter divorce and custody battle with his father.


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