Missing Joplin Toddler Dead

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The missing Joplin toddler that has captivated news stories since the passing of the tornadoes has been discovered dead. Sixteen-month-old Skyular Logsdon is confirmed by authorities to be in the morgue. However, it appears as though family members of the missing toddler are in denial of this find and are blaming this on shenanigans of the child’s father.

Even the boyfriend of Carol Jo Tate, the boy’s mother, thinks that this is a lie spun by the ex-husband, Corderro Logsdon. They claim it may be something to get attention, and it might not even be the truth: “…as far as we know, he’s still missing,” said the stepgrandfather of the young child.

It’s good to hold onto hope when a loved one is missing, but authorities have confirmed it according to news sources. Being in denial isn’t going to make the passing of this young child any easier. There are several missing people that haven’t been found after the tornadoes ripped through Joplin and the Great Plains region. Hopefully some of these people will be found alive and safe.

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